relating to the time, usually a number of weeks, immediately before and after birth.


Pregnancy & Parenting aren't a walk in the park... I mean, some days they may be, literally, but let's face it; social media did NOT prepare us for THIS. The loss of yourself, of your relationships, of your body and brain functions? Mind Online was born out of a need to nurture the mental and emotional birth of parents like you.

From postpartum depression, mood and anxiety disorders, birth trauma and everything in between. I want to reduce the barriers for exhausted parents by making sessions accessible and convenient.You have a lot going on, let me show you where you shine and be that safe place to land. My ongoing journey is provide a safe space for all parents including queer, trans, non binary, single parents by choice, polygamous families and binary cis gender parents.

Learning inclusivity is a never ending mission for me and look to my clients to teach me about their lives and what fits for them.